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    NDR magazine “Panorama” interviews Ella

    Texts, images and music were once the domain of human creativity.
    What happens when these are automated and mass-produced by AI?
    Are artistic professions in danger? The NDR magazine “Panorama” deals
    with these questions in its broadcast on June 22, 2023.

    For this purpose, the team of “Panorama” interviewed AI artists, scientists and experts
    – including our CEO Michael Keusgen. In this report, we talk about current
    developments in generative AI and emphasize our commitment to AI tools
    that guarantee quality criteria and ethical standards.

    The AI report segment is in German and starts at 10:56 minutes. 

    Write history with us.

    We are Ella, the MediaTech company from Switzerland, aiming to revolutionize the content industry. Our AI-based software is able to develop high-quality content and creative stories automatically.

    Invest in Ella

    Invest in Ella Media AG and become a holder of participation certificates (non-voting shares). As a participation certificate holder, you will participate in the future success of the company.

    From December 22, 2022 until December 22, 2023 (5:00 p.m. Swiss time) at the latest, Ella Media AG will offer up to 3 million new participation certificates for subscription over several offering rounds with a current price of EUR 9.25 each.

    Further details of the offer and its terms are contained in the growth prospectus prepared by Ella Media in connection with the offer, which has been approved by the Financial Market Authority in Luxembourg (Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier of Luxembourg (CSSF) on December 22, 2022 and notified to the German Federal Financial Authority (BaFin), the Financial Market Authority in the Netherlands (Autoriteit Financiële Markten (AFM)) and the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA) (the “Prospectus”).

    Full prospectus German Translation of Summary Securities Prospectus First Supplement dated 4 September 2023 to the Prospectus dated 22 December 2022 Statues Version 23/03/2023 Notice to current and potential investors no. 1 dated 31.01.2023 Notice to current and potential investors no. 2 dated 16.02.2023 Notice to current and potential investors no. 3 dated 28.03.2023 Notice to current and potential investors no. 4 dated 14.04.2023 Notice to current and potential investors no. 5 dated 25.05.2023 Notice to current and potential investors no. 6 dated 15.06.2023 Notice to current and potential investors no. 7 dated 02.08.2023 Notice to current and potential investors no. 8 dated 16.08.2023 Notice to current and potential investors no. 9 dated 28.09.2023 Newest Webinar Presentation (currently GER only)


    in 2020


    Zug, Switzerland

    Founders and employees

    Michael Keusgen and more than 60 committed and passionate people

    Business idea

    Development of the world’s first AI software that generates fictional and non-fictional stories and texts


    Launch of the assistant tools Re.write and Re.lease


    How can I participate?

    Via the digital subscription section on the website www.ella-group.io/investor-relations To subscribe, all you need is a copy of your ID and a touch screen (for digital signatures) or alternatively return a countersigned subscription form as a PDF file. All documents available in the digital subscription section should be downloaded and read carefully, including, the securities prospectus, the German-abridged version of the securities prospectus, the declaration of revocation and the issuer’s articles of association. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at verwaltung@ella-group.io.

    What is a participation certificate?

    Participation certificates of Ella Media AG are issued against a certain nominal value. Like shares, they serve as a means for companies to raise capital.

    Essentially, participation certificates are “non-voting shares” that are issued in exchange for a contribution. Participation certificate holders are primarily entitled to property rights: the right to participate in the balance sheet profit or dividend, and to distribution of any liquidated result, as well as the right to subscribe to new shares. Unlike shares, however, holders of participation certificates do not have voting rights.

    At what price can I purchase participation certificates?

    You can find the conditions and further information on participation certificates in the digital subscription section.

    Will I be charged any fees or additional costs?

    The issuer does not charge investors any administrative costs over and above the purchase price of the participation certificates. Please note that the purchase price is payable in euros. The investors may have to bear costs for the procurement of the euro. All other costs of the offering (such as the issue fee, advisory or brokerage costs) are borne by the issuer.

    What happens to the capital in Ella Media AG?

    The goal of the issuer is to develop software for the production of industry-specific and consumer-oriented content in the form of text, audio, images and videos based on artificial intelligence. The funds from this offering will be used for operations, research and development, sales and marketing, as well as investments and expenses to build the necessary IT infrastructure. For further information, please refer to the securities prospectus approved by the Luxembourg CSSF and the related German abridged version of the securities prospectus in the digital subscription section.

    Is there a register of the holders of the participation certificates or do I have to book them into a securities account?

    The holders and the respective number of participation certificates are entered in a corresponding register of the Company by the Board of Directors. A confirmation of registration can be issued to each investor at any time.

    How long does it take until I am a holder of the participation certificates?

    After the money for your subscription has been credited to our account, the corresponding number of participation certificates will be reserved for you. As a rule, a formal capital increase is carried out within one to two months thereafter and the participation certificates are issued, or, you are entered as the holder in the register of participation certificate holders. You will receive a corresponding confirmation letter from us regarding the registration and the number of your participation certificates.

    Do I have to pay tax on the income from the participation certificates?

    Income taxation is based on the tax law of the country of residence of the respective investor. This can have different effects on the income from the securities, which you should discuss with your local tax advisor.

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