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    Our generative AI supports your content creation

    Our solutions

    Ella’s generative AI

    We want to help you revolutionize the way you create content.

    That is why we specialize in providing state-of-the-art generative AI tools which produce compelling and unique content that resonates with both your audience and search engines. On this page, you can delve into our

    – holistic AI products
    – individual AI services
    – meticulously trained language models 

    So, embark on an efficient and SEO relevant AI writing adventure and explore Ella’s solutions today.


    Our solutions

    Our AI as a writing assistant

    Our specially developed AI assistant tools Re.write and Re.lease automatically create high-quality and unique content from existing texts. Whether news, product descriptions, marketing texts, info texts or short stories, each text is individually regenerated within a few minutes – unique and SEO-relevant. Our products thus support you in increasing your reach in search engines and in gaining new customers.

    Our products

    We are Ella. The Generative AI Company from Switzerland

    “Our goal is to revolutionize
    the content industry.”
    Michael Keusgen, CEO Ella Media AG

    For over five years Ella Media AG has been researching and developing first-class products as well as customized model solutions with great passion, care and creativity.

    With a team of 22 developers and 28 quality experts, we have been able to process twelve million texts from more than 200 reputable and high-quality sources and thus train over 125 AI models.

    With our generative AI solutions, content creators from various industries can generate unique and relevant texts in the shortest time possible.


    More about Ella

    Ella stands for quality

    As a Swiss company, we place a big emphasis on quality. Our expert teams of data scientists, linguists, and software developers are ceaselessly training and perfecting all our AI software protocols.