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  • Re.write – Rewrite, summarize and formulate texts with generative AI

    Use for free

    Re.write rewrites your text quickly and uniquely.

    Do you have a specific text that you would like to republish? Re.write generates a new text from a template in an average of under 45 seconds for all content creators.

    Whether news texts, blog articles, product descriptions, marketing texts or short stories: Re.write rewrites the input at the push of a button, guaranteeing a higher SEO relevance, thus increasing productivity and visibility on the market.

    Please note that our tool can currently only be used with the German language. We are working at full speed to ensure that the English-speaking world will soon be able to enjoy its use as well.

    Advantages at a glance

    – Rewrites texts quickly and easily with one click
    – Creates high quality and unique texts
    – Boosts search engine relevance
    – Is suitable for any text template and for all content creators
    – Can be used free of charge


    Why use AI for copywriting?

    In order to be visible and relevant to your customers as an online news platform, a good search engine ranking is crucial. Factors such as the number of texts, relevance as well as the quality and uniqueness of the content play an important role.

    All too often, existing articles are adopted without changes due to time constraints. The result is that duplicate content is created and the content has little SEO relevance. Our AI assistant tools support you in creating unique, SEO relevant and high-quality texts.

    Why use Re.write?

    With our AI Assistant Tool Re.write you can – as the name suggests – rewrite any text with one click. Re.write automatically creates new, unique and therefore SEO relevant content for any content creator.

    How do I test Re.write?

    You currently have the opportunity to use the beta version of Re.write free of charge. You have 500 words per text at your disposal. Create your free account quickly and easily at: https://rewrite.ella-group.io/.

    In which languages can I have texts rewritten?

    So far, Re.write can only rewrite German texts.

    What kind of texts are best suited to be rewritten?

    You’ll get the best results if your text consists purely of words, i.e. no tables, bullet points, direct speech, or headings. This ensures the highest output quality.