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  • Announcement: Partnership between H3 Entertainment and Ella

    Ella is the new partner of the innovative Hollywood studio H3 Entertainment for “Screenplay Writing”

    International collaboration aims to shape the future of entertainment together

    Ella is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with H3 Entertainment (H3E), which began in Hong Kong. This collaboration is an important step in the journey to work directly with Hollywood Studios. H3 Entertainment combines traditional entertainment with cutting-edge technologies such as Web3, the Metaverse and Artificial Intelligence. Ella will be responsible for the AI aspect of H3’s efforts.

    Mark Rau, CEO of H3 Entertainment and Hollywood producer (Brightburn, Wrong Turn), is very excited about the collaboration: “With Ella Media AG we finally found an experienced and renowned company, that has been enriching the process of scriptwriting with Artificial Intelligence for a long time. We can now walk the path together into a new era of entertainment.” 

    At the RenAIssance event in Hong Kong, the future of entertainment was redefined by a natural marriage and convergence of Web3, AI and traditional entertainment models. The event took place on August 18 in Hong Kong, the heart of global entertainment innovation.

    Key Highlights of RenAIssance:

    • Introducing Hollywood 3.0: H3E introduced the groundbreaking concept of Hollywood 3.0 and demonstrated how Web3 and Hollywood resources can be seamlessly integrated to create a new era of entertainment. The event also featured upcoming H3E projects and ways in which each individual can contribute to and participate in the development of Entertainment 3.0.
    • Industry Networking: At RenAIssance leading experts from the entertainment, Web3, and AI sectors gathered under one roof, fostering valuable networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities. Participants engaged in face-to-face discussions with industry luminaries, intellectual property owners, and creative minds, gaining insights into the latest developments.
    • Exploring the AI Frontier: Attendees had the opportunity to delve into the exciting prospects and challenges presented by artificial intelligence in the entertainment industry.
    • Investment Opportunities: Interested parties learned about avenues to participate financially in the evolution of Hollywood 3.0, sharing in the rewards of this entertainment revolution.

    About H3 Entertainment

    H3 Entertainment (H3E), led by Mark Rau and Kent Huang, is paving the way to the next era of entertainment experience: Hollywood 3.0, by integrating Web3, Metaverse and Artificial Intelligence into traditional entertainment to better engage IP and fan communities. 

    H3 Entertainment aims to establish a transparent, next-generation distributed entertainment industry by breaking down barriers in the traditional entertainment industry and creating a fair and open ecosystem for artists, creators and fans. For more information, visit https://h3entertainment.io.


    About Ella

    Ella Media AG was founded in 2020 by CEO Michael Keusgen in Switzerland. The generative AI company specializes in AI-based text creation and processing. Ella’s AI-based language models and software products aim to automate the creation of high-quality and SEO-relevant content for news and media. 

    With the help of AI, Ella wants to revolutionize the media and content industry and relieve newsrooms and content creators through effective assistance. In doing so, Ella has high standards of ethics and quality, based on many years of experience in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing as well as a deep knowledge of the media industry. For more information visit https://ella2.inthemaking.be/.