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  • Application & Purpose

    Colada is Ella’s own custom BERT variant language model designed for evaluating factual accuracy.  This model assesses whether one newly created sentence provides the same information as its reference.

    Best Practices

    • Assessing factual accuracy by evaluating whether the information conveyed in sentence A supports, denies, or is completely different from the statement in sentence B

    This language model is not optimized for

    • Referencing longer text blocks beyond individual sentences
    • Referencing unrelated text pairs the the model is likely to categorize as “completely different”

    Application & Purpose

    Maskito is Ella’s custom sequence-to-sequence language model which is designed specifically for rewriting news texts sentence by sentence. This model utilizes a neutral style when rewriting sentences, ensuring a consistent and unbiased output. 

    Best Practices

    • Rewriting sentences and news texts in a neutral style