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  • Keynote at Handelsblatt AI Summit

    Michael Keusgen, CEO of Ella Media AG, will give a keynote speech at Handelsblatt KI Summit

    Michael Keusgen will deliver a keynote speech at the Handelsblatt AI Summit. On October 1, 2021, he will speak to the event’s professional audience about the question of how AI will revolutionize writing.

    In his talk, the founder and CEO of Ella Media AG will explain how the interaction between humans and machines works in practice when creating texts and what role creativity plays in this. His assessment of ethical issues in the development and use of speech AI will be particularly exciting.
    As part of another program item, Michael Keusgen will be interviewed live by the AI Summit presenters about his impressions and insights from the event.

    CH-Zug, September 27, 2021