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    German skepticism about generative AI

    Germany views generative AI as risk according to study “Digitization of the Economy” conducted by industry association Bitkom

    While investments in artificial intelligence are increasing in the rest of the world, a disapproving attitude toward AI can be identified in Germany. Particularly with regard to generative AI, decision-makers in German companies are still not very impressed by ChatGPT and Co. This was the finding of a representative survey* by the industry association Bitkom.

    The majority of respondents do not believe that these AI applications can close skill gaps or enable new business models. Most respondents view AI more as a risk, especially with regard to staff reductions. 

    On the one hand, we criticize the cautious approach of German investors and companies, because this skepticism leads to the country’s limited participation in the global AI revolution and international AI competition.

    To fully utilize the transformative power of AI, it is crucial for Germany to quickly strike a balance between caution and innovation. This is the only way to harness the potential of AI while overcoming the associated challenges.

    But on the other hand, we understand how important it is to address concerns about a lack of potential and regarding the possible displacement of jobs.

    To counter this skepticism about generative AI, our general approach and software development focuses on societal well-being and prioritizes human action.


    *Please note that the Bitkom study is only available in German.