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    Using data for training AI models

    Data security and protection at Ella

    Using personal data for AI training is an emerging trend. The company X (formerly Twitter) has revised its privacy policy and starting September 29, 2023 X will use collected personal data to train its AI models. Some companies, such as Zoom and Microsoft, have already confirmed or plan to use data for AI training. However, such practices are met with resistance and petitions. 

    The EU is currently negotiating rules for the use of these  data by AI. It is suggested that companies obtain explicit permission from data owners before using their personal data for AI training.

    We welcome the EU’s intention to regulate AI-based data use, as responsible data handling is particularly important at Ella. This regulation will further reinforce our existing data protection principles, which are as follows: 

    • Secure storage of data
    • Transparent communication about data use and its purposes
    • Data management in accordance with applicable law